About MABP

MABP Profile

Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals was started by Kristan Sayers: a Michigan native, salon owner, International Design Artist, educator, and stylist. Kristan saw a need in her home state for an association that could unite the industry and help elevate its standards. Too many people have their license who have not practiced their craft in years and do not plan to start in the near future! Our belief is that any person holding a state license for practice should be an active participant.

Also, in our ever changing industry, we believe you must stay current with trends. This only happens when beauty professionals are educated and work in a collaborative environment. Collaboration is one of the best tools we can use to become better professionals in the beauty industry. Michigan is in need of an organization that can gather the ideas of beauty professionals across the state and compile it into one place.

MABP Objectives

  • Partner with charities so salons can help those in their community where there is a need
  • Get more people involved in education and teaching
  • Create and help promote competitions in Michigan
  • Vote for “Best in Industry” in Michigan
  • Work with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to improve on policies in the state
  • Start seminars/webinars for students and businesses to stay up to date with the latest techniques
  • Help aid employment by matching employers to a pool of candidates

Our Vision

Our goal is to enhance and elevate the image of licensed salon professionals in Michigan. We want to create awareness of our professional beauty products and services through constructive public relations and activities that build a positive image around our industry. We will gather a broad spectrum of industry opinion through surveys, discussion, and advisory groups. This data will then be used to help develop public policy at the state and local levels.

Mission Statement

We are the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals and are working together to raise the bar in our industry. We do this by working to influence public policy, industry regulation, and promoting positive public relations in the beauty profession.  We would like to invite all the independent salon owners, multi-salon owners, salon managers, manufacturers, distributors, hair stylist/colorist, nail artists, estheticians, electrologist, permanent makeup artists, and barbers to join us on our mission.